Travel: What’s Shakin | Onomea Bay Drive

My Mom, Dad, Riley, and I went for a drive a few days back (4/4/2017) to Onomea Bay. It was so much fun! We had smoothies at a little place called ‘What’s Shakin’ and we drove around through the scenic route of Onomea Bay. Our Mom and Dad would take us there when we were little, so we loved being able to go back. I mean, seriously, we live in Hawaii and this is the first time we’ve been back in a long time!




I love the yellow and the twinkle lights and the simple sunny atmosphere. It’s sad that this place is closing, I’ll miss it greatly. It will always be a staple of our/my childhood, where my family and I would sit on the grass and drink banana shakes. A time of simplicty where my mind enjoyed thinking of every possibility in life while trying not to choke on a piece of banana.



I had a papaya and strawberry smoothie; same as my dad. My mom had a banana smoothie. My sister, Riley, had a smoothie as well. I literally cannot remember Riley’s flavor of smoothie (sorry Riley!). We also ate these oatmeal cookies that were to die for! What’s Shakin also has a menu of healthy sandwiches, cookies, and numerous other types of foods.





The bridge is my favorite part of the whole drive. It makes me feel like we are in some storybook surrounded by flowing streams and botanical magic. I suppose in that area that is exactly what we are in.




Spiderwebs over the bridge. My heart nearly exploded with happiness from these webs. So beautiful.


Last stop of the trip was to Alae Cemetery, which is actually not near Onomea Bay but actually nearer to Hilo. This is where Nana, Papa, and Tutu are buried in the Mormon section. Unfortunately, I waited in the car because we had Max with us. Next time I’ll be sure to visit them. This place used to be the highlight of my life when I was a child. My siblings and I spent many hours running up and down the hill, stopping by to say hello to our Papa and Tutu.

Take time to explore. Enjoy the world.


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