Why I “Blog”

Why I “Blog”  |  “So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say.”
― Virginia Woolf

On occasion (or maybe it’s accurately 85% of the time) I ask myself why I do certain things. For example, why do I take hundreds of photos of places and things yet there’s a good chance I’ll never get around to posting each and every photo, or why do I blog when I know that it’s not something that is part of my professional life; I ask myself this quite frequently, especially lately. However, I believe I’ve figured out my answer as to why I do take hundreds/thousands of photos, why I continue to blog, and why these activities that don’t actually serve a “higher” purpose for me, mean the world to me.

It’s A Personal Thing

Blogging is an activity that I’ve enjoyed for over a decade now; I’ve watched myself grow as a writer, photographer, and person. I first began blogging when I was 11-Years-Old (glad I have no proof of this); I started blogging because I loved to tell/write stories, and I figured why not write about my story – of course I didn’t really have a story! I ended up not writing about my little 11-Year-Old life (thank the heavens!), but I did end up writing about my obsession with Romania, all things paranormal/supernatural, and what flavors of lip glosses were my favorite (for the record, it was always a tie between papaya and lemon). I was a weird child, I know, I know. NOTE: This was also when LiveJournal and TypePad were popular. I even had a few readers.

Since then I’ve experienced numerous blogging platforms. I moved to Blogger years ago and slowly wrote about other parts of my life, yet nothing really of substance. It wasn’t until 2014 when I started to realize that blogging was my opportunity to share what matters to me and provide readers/family/friends a glimpse into my life; I could share what I wanted to, when I wanted to, and how I wanted to. In 2016, I made the move from Blogger to WordPress; I finally chose the name of my blog (AM NIKKI KAY – It’s a play on my name) and purchased my own domain – the last platform change for me and finally a blog of my own that I actually love.

I enjoy having my own space; a space that is uniquely mine, yet able to be shared with others. My content is authentically me; curated to bring a bit of brightness into my life or into the lives of others. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will shy away from discussing difficult topics or trying times because I want to discuss this as well. That is another reason why blogging is important to me: It allows me to have a voice. This voice can be soft or loud, but it’s my voice. In addition to writing [typing], I can also share photos of my life or even of the life of someone else; I truly love photography and the simple or profound story that each photo tells.

What I’ve learned is that I can pursue what interests me; blogging and photography are outlets. No, I don’t intend to blog for monetary purposes; it’s great that others are able to accomplish this but it’s nothing that I’m interested in. No, I probably won’t ever be a world traveler who is able to photograph the most exotic places whenever I want to; this sounds absolutely wonderful but I doubt it’s in my cards. And yet I want to blog and I want to continue taking photos because it’s what I enjoy doing in my spare time; It’s not going to matter to the Marines or law enforcement or the government, but it does matter to me. That’s why I blog.

The key takeaway here is that if something brings you even a little bit of sunshine, maybe there’s a purpose in it or not, but if it brings you that real happiness then do it.


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