On This Month’s Radar: Home Edition

I can’t believe we’re already in June! It feels as though the year has yet to begin, if I’m being completely honest. Isn’t it a little uncanny how that happens? Anyway, with summer just around the corner (for those of us not on summer vacation/break; summer starts on the 21st!), I’ve been looking at some of the newest items on Anthropologie, Macy’s, Magnolia, and Target. Hey, a girl can never have too many decor options! 


Ariel Dinner Plate

Ariel Dinner Plate /// These glazed stoneware dinner plates are beautiful! Delicate looking yet sturdy AND unique. If a dinner plate could take form of a quaint seaside town, these plates would accomplish that.





La Spezia Tablecloth /// I’ve never been to Greece (yet), however this tablecloth makes me think of Europe. It’s truly pretty.                                                         La Spezia Tablecloth

Beatrice Towel Collection

Beatrice Towel Collection /// The collection has both a bath towel and hand towel. The pattern is so sweet looking!








Hotel Collection Sheets

Hotel Collection Embroidered Sheet Sets /// My favorite color in this collection is navy. The other colors in the collection are charcoal and silver. I’m actually really into the entire Macy’s Hotel Collection.





Hotel Collection Embroidered Frame Bedding Collection /// Again, my favorite color in the collection is, of course, navy. The colors you can choose from include charcoal, navy, aqua, and champagne.  Hotel Collection in Navy



Jute Tassel Basket

Jute Tassel Basket /// It’s funny because I was just thinking about how I’m not too big of a fan of items with tassels and then I see Magnolia has this basket, and well, heart eyes.






Small Wooden Spoon /// Wooden spoons are my absolute favorite. Small Wooden Spoon


Tulip StemTulip Stem /// I know these are more spring inspired, however I’d also love to have this in my office or bedroom for the summer.







Blue Sailboat Throw Pillow /// Who doesn’t love sailboats? Blue Sailboat









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