The Easter Chapters: Part III

Easter Eggs: A time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A time where life and death both played their roles, except death is defeated. It’s a time, aside from the serious meaning, that will forever be pastel colored and candy coated; a staple point of my childhood filled with Easter baskets and egg hunts. It’s a time that I didn’t always appreciate as a child and a time that, even now as a grown woman, I could always treat with more consideration.

Easter Amends: Easter Sunday was difficult, mostly because I got into an argument with my dad over work (FYI: It’s never right to argue with your parents). And, well, Easter turned from a celebration to being treated as though it was any ol’ day; when in fact it’s a special day. Unfortunately and fortunately, life is constant and happening all around us…heck, we are life; evolving, experiencing bouts of spring and summer and fall and winter, living, and dying. And as much as we sometimes want to curl up on the floor and wish life away, we’re here and alive. That means that even with the best plans, life still gets in the way; it’s up to us to adapt and overcome. I hope my next Easter is better and that I treat it with the love that I actually feel for my Savior.

Food: My mom made ham with a guava jam glaze, a mustard and mayonnaise dipping dipping sauce for the ham, rustic potato au gratin, jellied cranberry slices, and asparagus. The food was amazing and I swear it was the best au gratin!

Parting Thoughts: Imagine a Father who loves us in a completely non-calculating way, who would not deny that He is the Son of God even though the sentence was death, who rose from the dead and continues to love us even though we get into ridiculous arguments or treat Easter like it’s ordinary. That’s Jesus. His love has no boundaries and it’s extended to all, for all.


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Let Us Adore Him

I truly love Christmas. I love the glittering twinkle lights. And the decorated homes with beautiful Christmas trees. And the stores filled with shiny items ready to be purchased and put underneath a Christmas tree. And Christmas music. And the faces of children who can’t possibly contain their excitement because they get to see Santa at the mall to tell him their Christmas lists. However, what I don’t love about Christmas is the fact that the true meaning of one of the last major events of the year is simply forgotten about in the hustle & bustle of stress, worry, excessive shopping, tension, and lack of belief. I want the true meaning of Christmas to never fade. I want Christmas to be a time of love, hope, happiness, forgiveness, and the season of giving; giving of ourselves to a world that needs kindness + compassion. I want to celebrate Jesus Christ; I want Jesus.

I’m really happy my brother & sister are home for this month; it’s wonderful having my entire family under one roof again. Besides, it’s important for families to be together, especially during the holidays. One of the things, however, that I do have to remind myself of is to remember Christ during this month because it can be incredibly difficult when a million things are going on around you.

Simply put, I don’t want Jesus Christ to be swept under the rug. I don’t want to get caught in the hustle & bustle of this month. There’s so much going on in this world; so much good but also so much tragedy. I want to remember to forgive; to let go. To have compassion. To have empathy. To love. And to remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.


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My dad and I rescued a kitty a few days ago. We’ve been nursing him back to health. I named him Monsoor after Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor (forever a constant inspiration and for some reason his name popped into my head as we rescued the little guy from the side of the road).

Monsoor is wonderful and sweet and I just want him to get back to being healthy.


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Finding Christmas

Sometimes I think when we want something so much, or should I say when we focus on our goals, we tend to forget about the important things that surround us. The important things that actually give us our drive to succeed. For me, aside from the obvious reasons why I want to succeed, the simple things are what help sustain me. This brings me back to Christmas. I had to remind myself this year that Christmas is something that only comes once a year, and that it is important to appreciate it. I had to find Christmas because I lost it for a moment.

I have bills to pay, schoolwork to complete, a team to manage, volunteering, finishing the USMC application, finishing the last two classes of my degree, family responsibilities, working out, reading the scriptures, and above all else trying to remain positive AND not get lost in the mix of things. I started to lose interest in Christmas, not because I don’t love what it signifies, but because I wasn’t feeling it this year. *gasp* Yes, I know. It wasn’t good and it’s not really how I am. I kind of felt like I needed a Cindy Lou Who moment of “Where Are You Christmas.”

Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year for a number of reasons, most importantly because of Jesus Christ and the joy that this season brings. However, I was having a difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit because I kept thinking about all of the things that I have to do. I even went so far as to think about not getting a Christmas tree this year, not decorating, and not having our annual sleepover.

I had to find Christmas and remember that even though I have added responsibilities, this does not mean that I can’t enjoy this time of year. It matters, you know? Being with family, remembering Jesus Christ, and taking the time to enjoy the simple things.

I hope if you’re not feeling in the Christmas spirit, that you eventually find your Christmas. You can be successful and still enjoy the little things AND all the moments in life.

Besides it’s no fun being a grinch y’all!


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To Believe Is To Be Alive

I can’t remember if it was a few months ago or last month or even a few weeks ago, but what happened is something that I don’t ever want to happen again.

What happened is that I let the world, worries, and thoughts in to my heart. I started to turn away from Him. Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped believing in Him, not at all. However, I started to listen more to what I wanted and less about what He wanted.

What I wanted is to get as much work done throughout the day as possible, what He wanted is probably for me to make time for Him and the things that are important.

To be alive can be one of the hardest things in this world. I love life, I truly do. I love being alive. I love to look at the beauty that surrounds me and I see nothing but miracles. I also have seen things that are dark in comparison to that pure light…people hurt, death, homelessness, drug addiction, and people turning away from God because they’ve stopped believing.

I started to let the world weigh me down to the point where I never stopped believing that God exists, but I started to stop including Him in my daily life aside from a prayer said each night before I went to bed.

What happened to my constant scripture reading?

What happened to the prayers I silently said throughout the day?

When did I start letting everything else take up my time?

When did I start ignoring the one that I love and the one who loves me back with such a pure love, a non-worldly love that can only come from our maker.

Where do I turn to?

In the General Epistle of James, Chapter 4, verse 8, it states “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinner; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

We need to draw near to God, to include Him. Life can be so incredibly difficult at times but we have this once in a lifetime gift, and if we include God in our life we can take advantage of the fact that, yes, we are alive in this very moment.

I don’t ever want to ignore Him or get too caught up in my work that I forget about our father in Heaven who loves me despite the countless times I have let Him down.


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