My Law Enforcement & Security Awards Banquet Speech | 2017


I wanted to take the time to share this speech that I wrote for Hawaii’s Law Enforcement and Security Awards Banquet “Top Cop” held on October 26 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel. I was asked a few months back to write a speech about what I have done since receiving the ASIS scholarship back in 2015 and how the scholarship has impacted my life. Unfortunately, I was unable to deliver this speech in person at Top Cop, however Mrs. Flating (a woman that I admire & the one who selected me for the scholarship) was able to deliver the speech to a room full of 300+ first responders and military members.

Honestly, when I was asked to write and deliver this speech at this event (Top Cop) that I have been attending nearly every year since I was a teenager, let’s just say I was speechless and in awe. I was asked to prepare a speech that was at least 4 minutes long; this was something I knew had to be inspiring, interesting, and was all inclusive of those that would be in the room…from the security guard to the 3-star Deputy Chief of the Honolulu Police Department. I started drafting my ideas onto paper; writing, brainstorming, and eventually typing my first draft speech into Word. It took me a couple times to get the speech just right; I tried to open the speech with a little humor but it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. After a few weeks dedicated to writing a speech that I hoped would convey all that I wanted to, I finally was done. In my head I was thinking, yes, cue the confetti!

Fast forward to a couple months later when I found out I wasn’t able to attend Top Cop; I was a little disappointed but happy that my speech would still be read. I was sent a video of my speech being delivered and it was everything I could ever hope for; the room loved it. See, I wanted my speech to honor the men and women who serve as first responders/military/private sector in the best possible way; I didn’t want my speech to not include them. I’m incredibly thankful to Mrs. Flating, JC, my dad, and the sponsors of Top Cop for allowing me to have this wonderful opportunity.

Good morning fellow professionals,

My name is Amber Antony and I am a recipient of the 2015 Robert Flating Scholarship Award.

It is a tremendous honor to be standing before you today. I have been attending this event since I was 16-Years-Old, but not once did I think I would be delivering a speech. I also never thought anyone would be brave enough to allow me to stand up here in a speaking role; thank you JC [Initials] of HJPA!

I have been asked to speak about how the ASIS scholarship assists students and where I am today since receiving the scholarship. One of the obvious benefits of receiving a scholarship is the monetary aspect of such an award; you can pay for a class, textbooks, and/or fulfill other obligations that as a college student you will inevitably have. However, if we were to put the financial support aside, the ASIS scholarship assists students in a far greater way. By receiving a scholarship that supports students in their endeavors to achieve a degree in criminal justice or a related field, allows that student to have the motivation to not only pursue their degree aggressively but to also hold themselves to a higher standard; at least that is how the ASIS scholarship assisted me.

As a college student, especially as a student looking to pursue a career in law enforcement, it is crucial to be motivated; to have a course of action and to have the courage to pursue that course, regardless of the trials that will be faced. The ASIS scholarship is of utmost importance because it acts as that motivation for a student. Failure to believe in one’s self results in a disservice to society; a disservice to yourself. This scholarship reflects the fact that you as a college student already have the unique role of being able to positively impact the world simply by your actions; you can save and protect lives, you can make the world safer, and this ASIS scholarship represents the fact that others believe that you have what it takes to make a difference. Therefore, in all actuality, the ASIS scholarship is important because of what it represents.

Since receiving the ASIS scholarship on October 22, 2015, I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. I hope to have a career in both law enforcement and the military; I am currently an applicant with the United States Marine Corps where I hope to eventually become a candidate and earn a contract to attend Officer Candidate School. In addition to law enforcement and the Marines, I work as an investigator for a private company. I have also achieved numerous certifications in forensic science from RTI International and the National Institute of Justice.

However, two of the most important roles I have had within the last few years is being able to dedicate my time to two organizations that support first responders, military, and national security efforts. For the past two years, I have had the honor and privilege of volunteering my time to the Lint Center for National Security Studies where I am the Operations Manager. Prior to this year, I also volunteered for a non-profit organization called Heroes Memorial Foundation. I was the Assistant Editor in Chief for the organization and Public Information Officer for a sector of Heroes Memorial Foundation known as 53 Hours. The reason it is called 53 Hours is because in 2012, the FBI statistics revealed that in a 1-year period a law enforcement officer was killed in the line of duty on average every 53 hours. During my time of volunteering in that capacity, I had the role of contacting each law enforcement agency for all 135 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in 2016; these officers served with honor and distinction in their communities.

In closing, I would like to thank the sponsors of this event and extend my sincerest gratitude to those who serve this country. And to all first responders, I stand with you.

Thank you.


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Life Today | September

Happy September! —

1. I have a dog! His name is Ray and he is a Red Heeler. He is around 54 lbs and is 4 years 2 months. He is my best bud already.

2. My dad and I rescued a kitty a couple of weeks ago from the side of the road. He was dying and by the grace of God we were able to save his life. Two weeks later and he is doing much better. His eyesight is impaired and he has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but he is a fighter. I named him Monsoor and he is the biggest sweetheart.

3. Somewhere along the way I have become a fur-mama. Not even joking. Yes, I clean up pee on the floors at least once a day.

4. Nick (my brother) just celebrated his 19th birthday, which to me is freaking crazy because I remember the day he was born.

5. Nick + dad are both leaving for Washington. Nick is going to college and dad is taking him.

6. I’ve been meeting with the missionaries again. It’s perfect. I’ve missed it. It’s nice to be able to talk about the Lord + feel the gospel more in my life.

That’s all for now. And it’s also everything. It’s my little life that I love so dearly.


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My dad and I rescued a kitty a few days ago. We’ve been nursing him back to health. I named him Monsoor after Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor (forever a constant inspiration and for some reason his name popped into my head as we rescued the little guy from the side of the road).

Monsoor is wonderful and sweet and I just want him to get back to being healthy.


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Travel: Mahukona | Kailua-Kona

Location(s) – Mahukona Beach Park / Kailua-Kona (we did drive through Kawaihae briefly) – When – Sunday, august 06, 2017 – Time – Afternoon & into the evening / With – Mom, Dad, and Paul (Nick was with us for a short while, however he only went diving but did not come with us to Kona) / What we did – We took a great drive (seriously) to the other side of the island / Dad, Paul, and Nick went diving. I stayed in the car with mom and watched the ocean. After they went diving, Dad, Mom, Paul, and I went to Kailua-Kona to eat dinner.






































Honestly, I had such an amazing time with my family (as I always do). I wouldn’t have spent my Sunday any other way. We left for Mahukona around 11 am but we also stopped briefly in Hilo; We filled up on gas for both of our vehicles (we took two because Nick was going to leave at 4 pm to drive back to Hilo, while we left for Kona) and got a few drinks for the road (yes, that means I got a mango white tea lemonade extra sweetened). We stopped one more time when we reached Honoka’a at Tex because we wanted haupia malasadas (omg, it was sooo good!). We then drove out to Mahukona, which is located in the middle of Kawaihae and Hawi; it’s off the coast. I actually sat in the car with mom, while Nick, Paul, and Dad went diving. I did want to go swimming and diving because the water was so perfect, however I also had a good time with mom while watching the ocean. Nick left around 4:30 pm to head back to Hilo because he had a party to go to, while we (Mom, Dad, and Paul) drove another hour into Kona. We went to Costco to see if they had a sashimi platter but the lines were so long we left. We then went to Ultimate Burger because Paul and Dad wanted a burger for dinner. In the meantime, Mom and I were going to have sushi at a place called Chirashi Sushi Don by Jiro, however it was closed. I also was going to have a boba tea nearby but that had just closed. We then decided to grab something to eat nearby Ultimate Burger. Mom had Genki Sushi and I had Panda Express, however Mom did get me this delicious unagi sushi. We all ate our dinner together in the car and then we headed back to Hilo. The sunset was beautiful with orange and pink hues; the last few photos (except for the very last photo) Paul took with my camera. Once the sun set and the night fell, it was cool and filled with glittering stars.


Camera used – Nikon Coolpix L840 / Editing – Fotor photo editor / I actually only edited a few photos by adjusting the curves, as well as saturation.


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Mother’s Day | 2017

So here we are two months later and I am now just getting around to posting this. Yikes! It’s so late and I thought about not posting this but, you know what, I love my mom so I am going to share this mother’s day post…even if it’s nearly august.

4I wanted to do something special for my mom on mother’s day and one of the things that my mom loves best is homemade gifts [no, really, she does!]. At around midnight I got the bright idea to make my mom a framed photo collage of adventures we have all been on. It took me a couple hours to choose the photos, print the photos, and put it together, but it was definitely worth it.

I chose around fifteen-twenty photos of all of us [Mom, Dad, Nick, Riley, Paul, Max, Sophie, and I] at various locations [the beach + hiking]. I also included a few photos of palm trees, flowers, and the ocean.

1 (1)

I used one of my favorite websites to put together mini collages onto photo paper, then I would print it out and tape it to a piece of printer paper. It was much easier to do it this way versus having twenty unorganized photos.




After I was done printing out all of the photos, I was then able to [finally] put it in the frame. Yes, it was two in the morning and I was ready to finally wrap mom’s gift up.

I had some pink and purple tissue paper left over. I used that as gift wrapping and then I drew glitter stars on the suface of the tissue paper. Mom loved it! I was happy that it turned out the way I wanted it to.

We went hiking for mother’s day at Ka’u Desert Trail. We had so much fun! I went with Mom, Dad, Nick, Paul, and Max.

My mom is the greatest; my best friend. I am thankful for her + all that she has

2 (2)

[constantly] done for us. I love you, mom.







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Life Today | July

Wow! It’s been quite some time since I last posted on my blog. way. too. long. I’ve been a little busy these past few months, however I’ve made it my goal to get back into the blogging world. I’m going to be posting a new blog series titled “life today” once a month with the hopes of updating y’all on what’s happening in my life. So here we go…

1. I graduated from college! Yes, after about four years and ten months, I finally graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with a certificate in Criminal Justice Security. It was crazy to finally be done after so many years of working towards this degree, especially in a field that I love and respect. I was ecstatic, humbled by, and incredibly grateful for the unique [lots of studying + work you guys] experience of college.

2. I’ve been working a lot. Living and breathing investigations. I worked weeks upon weeks of 15 hour surveillance days not that long ago. It was a good run and now I have a little bit of downtime before this Saturday. The great thing is that each case was a success. Plus, I only got flipped off once.

3. I’m redecorating my bedroom. Finally. After years and years of wanting to do something different with my room I now have a chance to. I bought new bedding at Macy’s; Sanibel Palm by Martha Stewart [part of the Martha Stewart Collection]. I am going to be painting my bedroom a pretty blue color that reminds me of South Carolina and the beach and summer and all things that make me happy.

4. It’s fun when I get to go shopping with my mom.

5. I have a new position at the Lint Center. I am now the Operations Manager. I am still trying to get my feet on the ground but I am truly thankful for the opportunity.

6. My sister Riley is coming back home for the summer on Sunday. It’ll be fun + I’m hoping that we’ll be able to go swimming and shopping and re-connect with one another.

7. We’ve gone hiking many, many times and It’s so much fun to explore. I’ll need to upload some photos from these trips ASAP. We’ve gone to the Ka’u Desert Trail and Pu’u Huluhulu. However, we’ve made a few trips to Ocean View and South Point as well.

8. Nick graduated back in May and I was the one who took the photos + video for him. I think it turned out pretty well; I might do a post on this.

9. For father’s day I took my family out to Ruth’s Chris Steak House at Mauna Lani. We had such a great time!

10. I am going to be giving a speech at TOP COP in October. A speech. A four minute speech. Help!


That’s life today. Sometimes It’s overwhelming but then I realize that I’m trying to do the best that I can do, and I’m grateful for each step.


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Travel: What’s Shakin | Onomea Bay Drive

My Mom, Dad, Riley, and I went for a drive a few days back (4/4/2017) to Onomea Bay. It was so much fun! We had smoothies at a little place called ‘What’s Shakin’ and we drove around through the scenic route of Onomea Bay. Our Mom and Dad would take us there when we were little, so we loved being able to go back. I mean, seriously, we live in Hawaii and this is the first time we’ve been back in a long time!




I love the yellow and the twinkle lights and the simple sunny atmosphere. It’s sad that this place is closing, I’ll miss it greatly. It will always be a staple of our/my childhood, where my family and I would sit on the grass and drink banana shakes. A time of simplicty where my mind enjoyed thinking of every possibility in life while trying not to choke on a piece of banana.



I had a papaya and strawberry smoothie; same as my dad. My mom had a banana smoothie. My sister, Riley, had a smoothie as well. I literally cannot remember Riley’s flavor of smoothie (sorry Riley!). We also ate these oatmeal cookies that were to die for! What’s Shakin also has a menu of healthy sandwiches, cookies, and numerous other types of foods.





The bridge is my favorite part of the whole drive. It makes me feel like we are in some storybook surrounded by flowing streams and botanical magic. I suppose in that area that is exactly what we are in.




Spiderwebs over the bridge. My heart nearly exploded with happiness from these webs. So beautiful.


Last stop of the trip was to Alae Cemetery, which is actually not near Onomea Bay but actually nearer to Hilo. This is where Nana, Papa, and Tutu are buried in the Mormon section. Unfortunately, I waited in the car because we had Max with us. Next time I’ll be sure to visit them. This place used to be the highlight of my life when I was a child. My siblings and I spent many hours running up and down the hill, stopping by to say hello to our Papa and Tutu.

Take time to explore. Enjoy the world.


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